How Gardening Changed My Life

You have come to the realization that you are on this earth to help maintain its beauty and sanctity, not just to consume it. Gardening is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself on a daily basis because of the many benefits it can provide-mental, spiritual, physical and emotional. Not only does it wake up your senses, but it also helps you connect with nature in a way that few other activities can offer.

Today, we'll cover:

  • How Gardening Changed My Life
  • The Benefits of Gardening
  • How to Make your Garden the Beautiful, Sanctified Place You Dreamed It Would Be


Gardening Changed My Life

I've been gardening for over 10 years now and not only has it changed my life, but I believe that anyone who gives it a try will come away with the same great experience. One of the best parts is that you can do it however and wherever you like, which makes it a great activity for anyone-from stay-at-home moms and dads to retirees and teenagers (especially nowadays when we're all glued to our phones). Gardening is also good for your mental health because you get connected with your roots in a way that few other activities can provide. Plus, you get the satisfaction of being self-sufficient and growing your own food. That's why kids are so fond of it - they are learning about life in a very real way when they're gardening.


The Benefits of Gardening

What are the benefits of gardening? Well, for starters it gets you outside. The fresh air and sunshine are good for your moods and health while being surrounded by nature can help you feel calmer. It also provides a chance to exercise at any level-whether it's just bending down to plant some seeds or doing light weeding in the garden bed. And gardening is great for kids because their minds learn better when they're exposed to all sorts of different textures and smells (anyone who has ever watched an episode of Sesame Street knows this). Plus there's that feeling you get when you harvest something from your own backyard-that sense that everything is right with the world again. That's why gardens have been around since man first learned to till the earth-they are sanctified places where you can go to find serenity.


How to Make your Garden the Beautiful, Sanctified Place You Dreamed It Would Be

Here are some pointers on how you can make your garden the beautiful, sanctified place you dreamed it would be:

- If your weather allows for it, water and prune often. This will help prevent many pests and diseases that thrive in damp and dry conditions.

- Choose plants that flourish in your area. This will ensure they grow well and attract more butterflies, birds and bees to pollinate.

- Plant new plants close to each other so they can provide protection from wind or cold drafts as they mature. You can also provide some form of protection with a row cover as new plants emerge.

- Examine the water source of your property. If it is a well, check for sulfur and iron to ensure your plants do not have to filter it out of the soil.

- Once you have a good understanding of what plants will work best in your area, add some color during the spring and summer months by growing annuals. Make sure to allow them to go to seed so they can return next year!

- Fertilize your plants at least once a month to keep them healthy.

If you follow these guidelines when creating your sanctuary, you will be blessed with lush vegetation and beautiful fruits, vegetables and flowers throughout the seasons!


Wrapping it up...

The best part about gardening is that anyone can do it! It doesn't matter how old or young you are or what your skill set entails; all you need to get started is a little bit of dirt and some seeds! Gardening provides an opportunity for exercise at any level as well as fresh air and sunshine which are good for moods and health. It also gets you outside where there's a chance of connecting with nature in a way few other activities provide. So if you're looking for something new to try this summer that will have lasting effects on both your mood and mental health then look no further than an empty flower pot!

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