It all started with one man. A lover of his family, his garden and his tools.
It was these tools that helped him grow and cultivate his garden, which then enabled him to provide for his family. Day by day, he would attend to his garden using all kinds of contraptions. Different things he would pull apart, or make from scratch, to then put them back together to make his own unique tool. One that would do the job—and do it right!
It always baffled me how he could come up with these things. But over time, we kept a log of the things that worked, as well as the things that didn't.
He would come up with ideas for all kinds of tools and products. We would help him build it, so he could test it. If it worked—awesome! Let's refine it and send it to others whom it also might help. And if it didn't—he would use it as a lesson to build something even greater the next time. Something for the next generation.
NextGenGardening™ is the nexus of the latest gardening products that have helped thousands of gardeners around the world achieve their gardening dreams! So whether you're a newbie just getting started, or a seasoned veteran that's been on the frontline—we've got something that'll help you!
But more importantly than that—you'll be helping the environment in which we so adore and love. We're proud to announce our support for the One Tree Planted organization. Each order you place goes to help planting trees all over the world. So thank you for helping build a healthier, cleaner and a more beautiful planet.
Stay awesome,
The NextGenGardening™ Team!