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Snip-n-Clip® | Harvesting Thumb Knife (6PC Set)

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Turn Your Thumb into a Clean-Cutting, Harvesting Machine! Gone are the days of using those old, heavy pruning shears. Those clunky things often do more harm than good. Especially for smaller, delicate plants—or when reaching in those hard-to-reach places where only a thumb could fit. New arc blade design—made from...
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Turn Your Thumb into a Clean-Cutting, Harvesting Machine!

Harvesting Thumb Knife

Gone are the days of using those old, heavy pruning shears. Those clunky things often do more harm than good. Especially for smaller, delicate plants—or when reaching in those hard-to-reach places where only a thumb could fit.

New arc blade design—made from grade A stainless steel—will turn your thumb into a snippin' machine! You'll never go back to using clunky shears ever again!

Cut Your Harvesting Time in HALF—Without Damaging Your Crops
You'll be amazed to see how much time you'll save clipping and trimming your crops. Come harvest time, you'll be able to snip quickly and easily without damaging your fruits, veggies, and herbs. Stop tearing out the roots when your veggies get thick. Instead—cut off the stems neatly, so they grow back nicely!

Protect What Matters Most
You'll be protecting two things that matter most: your fingers and your plants.
Your fingers because—well, without them, life wouldn't be the same. But also, you'll be protecting your fingernails from all the dirt and grime build-up. Keeping them looking clean & healthy!

As for plants, they grow back—but they take a LOT of time.
The last thing you want is to ruin your crops after spending so much time nurturing and nourishing them. That's no fun. It's essential to avoid damaging roots or branches by ripping them out. But instead—precisely and conveniently trim them, so they grow back faster and healthier the next time.

Get the Most Out Of Your Garden
Our Harvesting Thumb Knife is a MUST-HAVE for every gardening enthusiast. It feels natural and seamless! And you can use them for just about ANYTHING gardening.
Harvesting veggies, peeling fruits, de-blooming rose bushes, deadheading plants, pruning flowers, cutting stems, trimming crops—the list goes on!

Once you get a feel for having a razor blade as a thumb, it's hard to go back to anything else. The ease, convenience, and ingenuity are like none other.

Material: Stainless steel, silicone, PP.
Size: Small and Large.
Dimensions: Refer to images.
Package includes: 2x Harvesting Thumb Knives (1x Straight Blade, 1x Bent Blade), 2x Cut-proof Finger Protectors, 2x Silicone Finger Sleeves

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