Working Smarter, Not Harder: Discover Why Gardeners are Tossing Their Old Clunky Hoe and Switching to the HolloHoe®

And here are the big five reasons why everyone is tossing their old hoe and are getting more done in less time by switching to the new HolloHoe® by NextGenGardening. This unique, sturdy lightweight tool will give your gardening experience an upgrade like no other can do alone...

1. One Tool. Many Uses.

The HolloHoe® is the all-in-one gardening tool that you've been searching for!

This easy to use and versatile tool can handle all of your gardening needs, from weeding to tilling to planting.

No need to lug around heavy tools—the HolloHoe® will be your go-to tool for years to come.

2. Lightweight yet Durable

As you'll already know, most tools are heavy and ineffective. And getting the perfect balance between a tool that is strong yet light is no easy task.

That's why we've created a tool that won't fatigue your arms or break your back, but will effortlessly break down hard soil and weeds.

3. Hand-crafted & Forged

Most gardening hoes have been made with hard plastic or cheap metal. Not this hoe.

Made from a traditional quenching process that centuries-old. It's handcrafted and forged using the highest grade of Manganese steel.

4. Scared to Try Something New? 

If you're an avid gardener or just starting out—you'll absolutely love the HolloHoe®.

We're so confident that you not only love it, but that you'll tell all of yours friends about it too.

 With that said, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked.

5. The Best Bang For Your Buck (and Time), Period!

No one wants to spend hours in the yard when they don't have to. And it's hard enough to these tasks with the right tools. Especially when they're heavy and awkward.

That's why we've created ONE tool that can do MANY jobs. So you don't have to waste your time or money doing yard work the hard way.
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It Almost Makes Weeding Satisfying

This hoe is a great addition to my weeding arsenal.  It works similar to the “Hula Hoe” on dry, hard soils, but with soft or slightly moist soil, angle it to the right or the left to cut the weeds a little deeper, getting more of the root. I’m happy just getting rid of these things before they go to seed and using chemicals to kill weeds is not an option for this yard. But the bottom line is that this tool works great. It almost makes weeding satisfying.

Frank P.

Cuts My Work Time Down Considerably!

This thing is wonderful! Easily goes under the soil to sever weed roots. Use one of the sharp sides to reach under stubborn deep roots. My weeding, in a nasty patch, literally went four times faster with little effort. This little tool is as necessary as a good garden trowel!

Nikita C.


This little tool is amazing! We had so many hard to pull weeds everywhere in our yard and this tool easily sliced right thru them, pulling them out of the hard pan dirt and around the rocks! We were able to add a long handle on one of them to help my aging back and it is now my favorite garden tool ever!!

Kate H.


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