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PlantBoost® | Plant Nutrient Solution

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Looking to bring out the best in your plants? The Plant Nutrient Solution can help! You see, plants need amino acids to create and strengthen cells. The thing is, it takes a lot of energy for the plant to produce these vital ingredients for growth. So by providing your plants...
  • 1 Bottle (30ml)
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  • 3 Bottles (3x 30ml)
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Looking to bring out the best in your plants?

The Plant Nutrient Solution can help!

You see, plants need amino acids to create and strengthen cells. The thing is, it takes a lot of energy for the plant to produce these vital ingredients for growth. So by providing your plants with the essential nutrients to help them grow, they'll expend their energy toward other deficiencies—where it's needed most! This is what allows tremendous growth and vitality.

This solution is rich in various trace elements and Amino acids, this product can help your plants thrive and grow healthy and strong. Promoting vigorous growth and healthy blooms.

Plus, it'll also help increase the chlorophyll concentration in a plant, which increases its ability to photosynthesize. This means more available energy for growth!

So if you're looking to get bigger veggies, healthier turf, or more vibrant flowers, this is the solution for you!

Works with Almost All Types of Plants

Can be applied to your turf, vegetables, and flowers without concern for waste or harmful chemicals - this organic fertilizer is designed to increase the plant's resistance against insects while also enhancing its drought tolerance!

Revive Dying Plants

Are your plants looking a little worse for wear?

Give your wilting plants a second chance at life with PlantBoost™!

This easy-to-use formula is perfect for reviving tired plants and keeping them looking their best.

Your garden will be looking healthy and beautiful in a matter of weeks!

Help Your Plants Grow Healthy & Strong

Looking for a fertilizer that's good for the environment and your plants?

This organic fertilizer is perfect for all types of plants, and it helps them to resist pests while also making them more drought tolerant. Plus, there's no waste or harmful chemicals involved - so you can feel good about using it around your home and garden.

Give PlantBoost™ a try today and take advantage of our special offer that ends soon!

Easy to Apply

For optimal concentration; simply dilute 3ml of Amino Acids fertilizer to 1000ml of water. Apply as you normally would, spray to wet the leaves, and then irrigate the roots of the plant until the soil is fully wet. Use once a month for soil culture and for hydroponics, use once a week.

Package Contents:
  • 1 Bottle / 3 Bottles x Plant Nutrient Solution (30ml)


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